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2014 BMW I8
Vehicle Year:2014
Vehicle Make:BMW
Vehicle ModelI8
Work PerformedComplete Stereo & Interior
HeadunitOEM Factory
StreamingMosconi AMAS 96k
Main AmplifierMosconi Pro 5/30 5ch
Front Subwoofer AmplifierMosconi PICO
Front SubwooferAudiomobile GTS 2110
Rear SubwooferDD Audio 2508 ESP
Interior SpeakersETON Plug & Play
Digital Signal ProcessorMosconi 8to12 Aerospace
Leather InteriorCustom Alea Leather Kit
HeadlinerCustom Starlight LED System

First introduced as the Concept Vision EfficientDynamics, the BMW i8 is part of BMW’s “Project i” sold separately from BMW. The production version was unveiled at the 2013 International Motor Show Germany, followed by 2013 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. With many years debuted as a “Concept Car”, BMW finally released the BMW i8 into the United States market. It features butterfly doors, a heads-up display, rear-view cameras, and partially false engine noise. But just like all “supercars”, the stereo system is everything but impressive. As we tell clients all the time, love the car and it’s our job to make the stereo sound good.
The stereo system in the BMW i8 is very similar to other BMW models except it does not have the traditional underseat 8-inch, mid-bass drivers. Instead, they opted for a single 6×9-inch mid-bass subwoofer in the rear to handle the low-end of the music. We would like to be nice and say they did a decent job, but that’s far from the truth. You can tell the stereo system was an afterthought and did not leave us much space to improve upon it. So our team had to get creative….

The first step in any stereo upgrade is to identify the factory system. Upon first glance, the system seemed to use a traditional BMW speaker kit. This is great news as our team has many years of upgrading BMWs for all types of clients. But upon further inspection, we realized the system did not incorporate the underseat 8-inch mid-bass drivers. Without these mid-bass drivers, the door speakers would have a hard time reproducing the lower end spectrum of your favorite song. We needed to find a solution.

While the factory 6×9 in the rear did help the situation, we do not have a 6×9-inch replacement that would meet our standards in terms of sound quality and performance. So we opted to consult with the customer on our findings and decided to build a custom subwoofer enclosure in the front passenger foot area. This subwoofer and enclosure design we put together would provide the low-end response we were looking for and also would eliminate the need for traditional mid-bass drivers under the seat.

The interior speakers are traditional BMW drivers, which are not terrible, but nothing impressive. Since we have many years with the BMW vehicles, we knew of the perfect speakers to replace them with. ETON which is a German manufacture builds speakers for all types of companies and they offer a Plug & Play BMW speaker kits that sound amazing! Yes, we have tried many brands over the years and ETON wins every time. Check out the video below to learn more about this speaker kit.

– Not everybody needs an elaborate stereo system to be happy, but everyone wants the best performance possible within their budget. It’s our job to utilize the budget in the best way possible to yield the best results for our clients –

The system in this BMW i8 consists of two separate subwoofer systems, multiple amplifiers, digital sound processor, and a long list of LED lighting upgrades. A constant challenge for our team is fitting all of this gear into the vehicle without taking away the aesthetics of the vehicle. A well-designed stereo system should look like it belongs to the vehicle. In the picture below, you will see our attention to detail come to light. The mesh on the Mosconi Pro 5/30 amplifier matches the subwoofer grille mesh that we sourced to ensure a seamless mixture of textures.


– Just like performance upgrades, your entire investment relies on the final tuning of the products. With all of our stereo systems, we utilize digital sound processors that provide us virtually unlimited tuning ability to maximize the performance of any stereo system. –

The end result is a mix of creativity along with the drive to deliver perfection. From removing the rear window to incorporating an upfront subwoofer system, these were not a spur of the moment guesses. This platform has its own unique challenges, but a client that owns a BMW i8 is already unique. They love the experience that the car provides and incorporating less conventional stereo upgrades we believe goes well with this amazing vehicle.

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    2014 BMW i8 Custom Stereo Upgrade

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